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OMGWTF New Years Resolutions Posters

Nothing is safe from Martha.

Nothing.  Not even the humble new years resolution.

Apparently these days, it’s the “done thing” to print your new years resolutions out in some scrapbook like fashion and pin them up somewhere you can see them.  Now.. I hate scrapbooking.  Actually that isn’t true – I hate the fact I don’t have any motivation to do scrapbooking in any way, shape or form.  I can certainly appreciate the skill and beauty of the finished product.  It looks great, and.. time consuming.  Now my business sense is so  ingrained that it tells me that scrapbooking lacks “critical path”.  It doesn’t really get you anywhere or earn you anything, and therefore.. in the grand scheme of things, is pretty useless.

Now I’ve finished my scrapbooking rant, let’s get back to the new years resolutions.  There is a great post on this on the Organized Housewife called 2012 Goal Art.  It’s actually pretty cool, if you have the time and patience to do it.  Or if, like me, you have neither the time, patience or tools to do it you can pay some $$ to get her to do it.  I like the girl!  Anyway, seeing as I have neither the time, patience, tools OR money to do it, I was feeling pretty stuck, until I recalled that “Goal Art” looks like the subway poster art I’d seen at Canberra Upmarket, and that they all actually looked a bit like tag clouds.  (The “tag cloud” is a visual representation of all of the tags on a blog.. the more posts are tagged a certain word, the larger that word appears in the cloud.)

Then it occurred to me.. these things might be programmable.  A quick internet search revealed

And here it is in all it’s glory…

Nice, eh?  All ready to print etc.

Down the bottom is a “randomize” button, just keep pressing it until you get something you like (if you aren’t feeling particularly creative that day… or like me.. any day!)

I was so pleased with how quick and easy this was!  Martha-esque in a jiffy!

Unfortunately this led me on the even bigger and better things and I decided to create a “house rules” one as well.. googled some house rules, threw our names in and voila!  A lovely A4 sized personalized poster I can hang in our entry way.  That’s one thing I’ve picked up on recently.. extra Martha-Points for personalization.  (Will post about this one separately.)

Obviously these resolutions need to be ones you are happy for other people to see.  “Have more sex” and “Fake more Martha” and “beat my co-worker out of a promotion” are probably best left off the list.

Now I just need to buy suitable frames.  (OMGWTF it never ends.)


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3 Responses to "OMGWTF New Years Resolutions Posters"

  1. Caz says:

    I followed you here form Organised Housewife and loved your tag cloud idea. Unfortunately your link to Wordle goes to a pornographic site – maybe you’ve been hacked.
    I look forward to reading more of your blog!

    1. Julia says:

      Hey Caz!! OMGWTF!! I visited the wordle site and got the porno too. Ran some scans/checks on my site and it’s clean. Checked the link again, and it worked OK. I’m guessing it was wordle that was hacked, and their homepage redirecting somewhere real nasty. *sigh*

  2. Caz says:

    Great. I got the porno site a few more times using the link but not typing their domain in. Seems fine now. Someone hacked our work site over the holidays too and inserted ‘interesting’ text.
    Love your sense of humour!

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