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Chic Ideas For Organizing Small Rooms

Small rooms conjure up visions of coziness and a sense of hominess, until, like us, you live in a small home that feels neither cozy or homey… it just feels kinda’ squished..  although I’m sure Martha would make the most of it… and that’s what I’m writing about today.  Obviously, when you live in a small space, organizing it can be a challenge.  How can you organize your petite room and still have it look chic?  Whether you like cozy congestion or are more feng shui, there are simple ways to achieve your goal.  Just keep in mind, there is no wrong or right so be creative.  Do what suits you, it is after all your space.   Below are some helpful  (and hard won!) guidelines  to make the most of your space and keep things organized.   Organized.  That bastion of all Martha bastions.

Functional Furniture

With limited space comes the need to decide what larger pieces of furniture or other items to keep in a room.  (I have two storage units of stuff that didn’t make the cut.. I’m sure we’ll get around to using all that stuff.. one day.) Whatever does make the cut should be dual or multipurpose.  Each piece should pull its own weight.  For example, an ottoman can double as a storage unit (depending on the style).  Its an easy place to store magazines, throws, pillows or toys.  It can be used as a seat or put a tray on it and you have an instant table.  Or a small bookcase can double as a nightstand.  Play around with your furniture, see what works.

Don’t hold yourself to what is conventional, put an armoire in the living room or even the bathroom.  I own a lovely Jacobean washstand that sits in our living room, instead of a hall table.. it looks sensational (if I do say so myself).  One thing I have learned about living in a small space.. don’t buy stuff with “dead space” below it.. always go for things that are closed in underneath (for storing all those Chirstmas decorations and other ‘essential” stuff that hardly ever sees the light of day.)

Wall Space

Moving from a large space to a smaller one can make organizing a bit of a challenge.. or a hell of a one when you are going distance as well as trying to cram two households into one like we did! To make it stylish, chic is another obstacle.  If ceilings are high and there is ample wall space think about taking advantage of it.  One way to do that is by hanging cabinets on the wall.  These particular cabinets are not the kitchen type.  They are sleek with clean lines and are made for storage and organization.  Its a welcomed solution to the small room dilemma.   Shelving is another way to maximize your wall space.  They lend themselves to any room in the house.  Now it is easy to find shelves in a variety of styles and colors.  Try vertical instead of horizontal shelves to add a long line to your small room.  have some that look like this:

I have some of these installed for my kids shoes, vertically rather than horizontally.

Keeping It Chic

This is the fun part (or the hellish part.. depending on your perspective.)  It’s where you can add a bit of personalization to your space  (which is where you can win major Martha points.) To make a room look more spacious arrange things vertically.  Long drapes on the windows are an easy way to achieve this.  Area rugs add color and are useful as space dividers.  A rug can be like a room boundary, separating a dining space from a living room.  Plants, candles and the like add color and breath life into a space.  The only really good thing about a small room is that  less is more, so you don’t really need all that much to decorate it in true Martha style.

Anyways, enjoy your home, whatever size it is.  Even small rooms can be organized and chic (with a bit of effort and planning)!

This week I’m going to work on the two smallest rooms in our house.. the laundry and the toilet.   The laundry comes off the hall.. and the toliet comes off the lanudry.  Go figure.  It means that everytime someone wants to use our loo, they get to check out our dirty laundry, too.   Not cool, I tell you.  Seriously not cool.  (I can’t stash stuff in the laundry to hide it when guests come over like I’ve been able to do in the last couple of places we lived.  Talk about cramping our style!  Now even the laundry needs Martha-esquing too!  Sheesh!!)

So stay tuned.. there will be more on the great “little room overhaul” challenge coming soon.

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