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Christmas in Review – Part 1

Dead Santa


Back in the old project management days, once a project was finished, we’d hold a meeting with our team to review how it went.  This was called an “Implementation Review” or  less formally a “Lessons Learned” meeting, and if it had been a particularly killer project (long hours, things going awry etc.) it was even jokingly called an “autopsy”.   And although most people hated them,  it was really helpful… so I’m going to drag that across from project management land and I’m going to autopsy Christmas.. what worked? What didn’t?  What could I do differently, better? How did I go with my budget?  How did I go for Martha points?  How did my family enjoy it, and did it create good memories?

The Food

I did really basic food this year.. as we were away for the week before Christmas Day, and had to drive 8 hours on Christmas Eve.  I bought everything about a month before.. nothing was fresh, it was all from the cupboard or the freezer

What worked? I didn’t have to shop in the crowds before Christmas.. the run up was really relaxed as it was all under control really early.   Everybody enjoyed it on the day.  The pudding from adamstown kitchen was delish!

What didn’t work? I forgot drinks.. I ended up making up some quick lemon and mint water (throw some lemon slices and mint leaves into some water and refrigerate it) so at least we had something, but a couple of bottles of apple cider or non-alco wine would have gone well too.  It didn’t have much wow-factor, unfortunately.

Under budget, low on Martha points, but everybody ate it so it couldn’t have been too bad.

Next year? Still going to keep it simple, I like being prepared so far ahead, it makes the days before relaxing, and I can focus on my kids (and enjoying their excitement) rather than the preparations.  It would be nice to do a ham so that we had more leftovers for the few days after.  More drinks.  More nibbles like Mum used to do.  Macadamia nuts can stay in the cupboard as can glace fruit etc.. so I can but all that early too.

Tomorrow I’ll give some thought to decorations, gifts, clothing and traditions (like advent calendars, Christmas cards etc.)  Hopefully I’ll also have a nice printable for you all by then too!  So stay tuned…

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  1. PurpleBee says:

    So is your Christmas looking simpler this year?

    I’ve been lazy and got most of my Christmas food from Aldi this year. It seemed so much simpler to go to one place, and Woden & Belconnen Malls are too insane to visit at the moment

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