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{decor} Soap Dispensers, an easy bathroom lift

This is a quick and easy decorating project that can really give your bathroom/kitchen/laundry and instant lift.   You are, in effect, creating yourself a blank canvas you can transform any way you like.  What I like about this is that you can just buy the bits and pieces and throw it all together – no gluing, no cutting, no sticking and max. Martha Points.  Very easy.  Yep, this idea fakes it pretty well. When you are renovating your bathroom make sure you get a good water heater to keep the water hot.

So first off – you need a clear cube soap dispenser.   I picked up a couple in Domayne today for $9.95, Freedom Furniture also has them (according to their website) and you can get them at Always on Sale, too, for $8.

Then you need some clear soap or body wash ( which is the same stuff really, just in a different bottle..  )  Aldi sell a great big bottle of 1ltr or so for a few bucks.

Now you fill the bottle with the clear soap.

Now you have your blank canvas, you can put whatever you like into the bottle to match your decor.   Some ideas might include:

  • Glass marbles
  • Shells
  • Christmas confetti at Christmas time, or tinsel even
  • River pebbles and plastic succulents for a terrarium look
  • Cut up old jewellery you don’t wear any more
  • Any other sparkly bits and bob you can find. (Check out $2 shops)

I’ve used a mixture of blue glass gem things and shells for mine.  Looks great for the small amount of time and energy that went in to it!


If you want to go a bit more “real” Martha, you can try out some of the projects below.  Basically they involve printing off a graphic on plastic and pop the plastic into the bottle.  This would work well for the bottles from Domayne too.

I’ve scouted about and to make life easier, I’ve collected some with printables, they look really great.. but do take a bit more time and effort though.  (Just click on the image to be taken through to the tutorial with the printable in it.

Monogrammed Hand Soap, from the Idea Room.)

This is a Christmas one from Schlosser Designs:

Oh my crafts” makes prints for the inside of soap dispensers using craft stamps and archival ink.  They look pretty good too, obviously it’s harder to customize them this way, though.  She even has a video that goes through the steps!  Very helpful.  🙂

Design mom has some great templates for teacher appreciation soap dispensers.

“Hand in Hand”, another from Idea Room.. however Adventures of Room 129 uses the same kind of template, but with Avery Labels instead.  Check out their tutorial here: hand sanitizers with avery labels (the great thing about using Avery Labels is that you don’t need a laser printer for them the way you do for the transparency inserts.)

The idea room also have templates for a Christmas Soap Dispenser and a Thanksgiving Soap dispenser.

These are all designed to be given as gifts, although I will be swapping out the contents of my own soap dispenser as part of decorating for the season.

So there you go.. and easy way to get a personalised look… either simply by throwing sparkly stuff in your soap dispenser, or more complicated by using inserts!





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