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{organise} Battery cases

Checked the mailbox today to find my latest little organiser project – battery cases.  If you are anything like us, you may have a spot for them, but they still rattle around and don’t really fit anywhere neatly.

Anyway, I bought some battery cases off ebay.  The batteries fit in them really well, and I can easily see what we do and don’t have.  We use rechargables, so it’s going to be an easy task to just throw the flat ones in the charger and then on into the cases when they are ready to go again.

It feels good to open the draw and not have them all rattling around in there!  They did take a while to come, but the shipping was free and I had actually forgotten that I’d ordered them.  4 cases cost me $14. Each case holds a mix of AAA and AA sizes.

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