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When your new LED LCD screen has been used as a canvas

LG LED LCD TV(SL9000)We have (had???) a new LED LCD TV screen.  Until Junior1 decided to draw on it with a ball point pen.  Mr Martha wanted to go and buy an expensive cleaner for it.. “but no!” I cried.. “the internets will help!”  And so they did.. here are the tips I found for cleaning an LED LCD screen around the web:

CRAYON:  Apparently WD40 works a charm on getting crayon drawings off LED LCD screens.  If you try this, let me know.

BALL POINT PEN: Hairspray on a soft cloth got this off for me.  I was amazed at how well it worked, actually!  Rubbing alcohol also works on a larger area.. try a test patch first. (Nail polish remover has also been rumored to work.. but that sounds pretty harsh so I’d use it as a last resort.)

TEXTA: Slightly damp cloth with a dab of handsoap.

There are commercial products out there too, like ScreenKleen, but these can get expensive!  Try the simple home remedies first before you fork out on specific cleaners.

Good Luck!!


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