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OMGWTF …in mason jars

Apparently the latest thing is to make things in glass jars called “Mason Jars”. Which are basically bottling jars. If you follow through on this idea, you could end up with a refrigerator that looks like this (Found on a site called Big Red Kitchen):

Which is… pretty frightening, really.

Now the fact of the matter is.. I can’t see any evidence of Martha having jumped on the Mason Meal craze just yet, but I’m sure she will.. it’s just a matter of time.  I have seen her put cupcakes in jars as gifts, but that’s not quite the same as cooking a meal in it.

Anyway, once I’d picked myself up off the floor, I decided to investigate.  I’ve ordered some Mason Jars.  I’m insane, I know.

Although, making stuff in jars is basically just the same as making them in single serve casserole dishes, or in single serve cake tins.  Given that you serve the dish in the thing you cooked it in (and in which you can store it and transport it in, too) it creates less washing up, and I really like that idea.  You also get no contact with icky plastics (even when reheating it in the microwave) so that’s a bonus too.

Honestly, I’m a lazy Martha.  I’ll try any time saving device once… and this could turn out to be a good one.

I’ll blog my mason jar experiments as I go.  There are few sites out there dedicated to die-hard mason jarers out there.  It seems some people live out of these things.

Check out the following stuffs that comes in mason jars (obviously, don’t eat the bathsalts etc):

I think it’s pretty safe to say that you could migrate many of your existing recipes to mason jars to take advantage of the benefits of cooking in your eating vessels.. with lids.  I’m going to start off  testing out a few of my favorite recipes in mason jars – asparagus frittata, and banoffee cakes, for starters.   I also think I can pack most of a cooked breakfast in a mason jar too.

Also… Aldi have just brought out packets of frozen “potato bake”.. I’m wondering how that would go in jars.. it might be an easy grab-and-go lunch for my DH who can’t have gluten.

Anyways.. can’t wait for my mason jars to arrive now.. Martha points PLUS and easy shortcut..  magic!  (Is there a genie in these jars, perhaps??)

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2 Responses to "OMGWTF …in mason jars"

  1. Susan Nye says:

    Julia – I love the name of your blog. Have fun with your Mason jars – Take care, Susan

  2. Heartspell says:

    You’ll love using mason jars instead of all that “plastic stuff”…I know I do!! I got on this canning kick years ago, purchased everything I needed to get started…second hand of course. Then “life” got in the way, so I stored them for a really long time.

    Over the years I purchased a food sealer and started using the jars to seal dry goods in…saved lots of money. But still had plenty that were just sitting there.

    As life happens when you have three kids…I was going thru plastic bowls like crazy, microwaves tend to do that. Then I read about all the bad stuff that you can get when eating out of plastic when microwaved. That just really grossed me out. I did not want to go out and buy all new storage bowls…not again! Then I remembered I had boxes and boxes of mason jars just sitting out in the garage…the light went on!!

    Mason jars are glass…you can microwave them and not melt them, so heat tolerant. They are also great to store food in the fridge, they are clear so you can “see” what is in them! I even serve dinner in them!! Easy…cook, serve and put away in record time!

    My mother thought I was nuts the first time I served Thanksgiving dinner out of mason jars!! Then she saw the method to my madness…less time in the kitchen meant more time with family. She liked that!

    I’ve had to explain to my mother a few times my wishes when it is “my time to go”…she has her own ideas of how, when and where someone is to be “laid to rest.” I have made it very clear I wish to be cremated and my ashes scattered in the ocean. The last time we talked about it my mother says to me, “Let me guess…you want to be put into a mason jar too!” I laughed so hard!! My reply, “Of course!!” 😀

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