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{decor} Soap Dispensers, an easy bathroom lift

This is a quick and easy decorating project that can really give your bathroom/kitchen/laundry and instant lift.   You are, in effect, creating yourself a blank canvas you can transform any way you like.  What I like about this is that you can just buy the bits and pieces and throw it all together – no gluing, no cutting, no sticking and max. Martha Points.  Very easy.  Yep, this idea fakes it pretty well. When you are renovating your bathroom make sure you get a good water heater to keep the water hot. So first off – you need a clear cube soap dispenser.   I picked up a couple in Domayne today for $9.95, Freedom Furniture also has them (according to their website) and you can get them at Always on Sale, … Read entire article »

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{Printables} “Laundry Rules” Poster

{Printables} “Laundry Rules” Poster

So.. here I am supposedly re-organising the laundry.  Actually I’m procrastinating and making up “Laundry Rules” posters instead. Download them, print them out on A4, frame em’ up, and enjoy.  Some of them have UK/Aus spelling, some have USA spelling.  My personal one is first.. if you would like one personalised to you… leave your details on the comment field.. let me know if you want me to add/remove any sayings, what kind of colour scheme … Read entire article »

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